World Investor Week is a global initiative promoted by IOSCO - International Organisation of Securities Commissions to raise awareness and alert to the importance of financial education and investor protection. It is being held in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, in over 90 jurisdictions. The CMVM rejoins this initiative, promoting together with the eight partners several activities aimed at reaching a diverse target audience.



World Investor Week is a global initiative promoted by IOSCO to raise awareness and alert to the importance of financial education and investor protection.

It is being held in 2020 for the fourth consecutive year, in over 90 jurisdictions, representing the six continents. Activities will take place in a slightly different format as to that of previous years, with a strong focus on digital technology, considering the current pandemic context.

Following the scope and impact of the previous three editions, the CMVM is again partnering with the World Investor Week, which this year runs from 5 to 11 October. Together with the eight partners, initiatives will be undertaken that address topics on basic principles of investment, saving and financial innovation, ethics, aimed at reaching a diverse target audience.

The International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) is an international organisation of securities regulators, founded in 1983 and whose members are supervisory authorities and other market participants, such as stock exchanges and international financial and regional bodies. The organisation's membership regulates more than 95% of the world's securities markets in over 115 jurisdictions.

In 2017, IOSCO launched the World Investor Week (WIW), a project that involved regulators and other members in a worldwide campaign to raise awareness on the need and importance of educating, training and protecting investors.

This initiative is also an opportunity for collaboration between regulators and stakeholders in energising actions that promote investor education and protection.


The organization of the World Investor Week in Portugal is associated, again this year, with eight partners. Below is a brief presentation of each one

The World Investor Week is highly sponsored by the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

Association of Issuers of Listed Market Securities)

Private organisation that aims to contribute to promoting competitiveness of the national capitals market.

Its main mission is to represent and protect the collective interests of companies issuing securities admitted to trading on the Portuguese regulated market.

Portuguese Financial Analysts Association

Represents the interests of financial analysis and investment advisory professionals with the financial regulatory and supervisory authorities, informs and keeps associates updated and promotes the professional certification of financial analysts in Portugal.

Portuguese Banking Association

Main entity representing the banking sector, with its members constituting more than 90% of the assets of the Portuguese banking system.

Its objectives are to protect the banking sector in Portugal, the common interests of the members and to contribute to a better economic, technical and social performance of the sector

Portuguese Association of Investment, Pension and Asset Funds

It represents the interests of the securities, real estate, pension and equity fund management industry.

Represents associates with national and international authorities with competence in securities, real estate and pension markets.

Portuguese Insurers Association

Representative entity of the insurance sector.

Its purpose is to protect and promote the interests of insurance and reinsurance companies.

All of its members currently represent over 99% of the Portuguese insurance market, both in terms of turnover and total staff employed.

The Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority

Responsible for the regulation and supervision, both prudential and behavioural, of the insurance, reinsurance, pension fund activity and respective insurance management and intermediation entities.

Its mission is to ensure the proper functioning of the insurance market and pension funds in Portugal.

Banco de Portugal

Central bank of the Portuguese Republic.

It integrates the Eurosystem and the European System of Central Banks, the Single Supervisory Mechanism and the Single Resolution Mechanism.

Its core tasks are maintaining price stability and promoting the stability of the financial system.

Euronext Lisbon

Managing entity of the national stock exchange, whose main index is the PSI-20.

Belongs to Euronext, the first pan-European stock exchange, which resulted from the merger of the Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Lisbon stock exchanges and the London derivatives market, and which gave international exposure to the Portuguese capitals market.